Pandora's Marvel The Avengers

Pandora's newest charms have assembled at GNM Fine Jewellers!!

A hero can be larger than life and light up the big screen. Or be someone close to you, a person you see everyday that inspires you and lifts you up. A hero is not without their own weaknesses and vulnerabilities but despite these the stand up and fight for what is fair and just. Their actions and choices will, in the end, reflect their values and aim for unity.
Black Panther stands for responsibility and justice for all. Engraved with "Wakanda Forever" as a reminder to always fight for a better world.

The Hulk charm captures all the energy of him bursting into character! Painted with transparent green enamel to create an authentic green glow and engraved with "HULK SMASH". Hulk symbolizes the many sides that can exist in all of us.
"Find Your Power". Engraved on the back of Iron Man's helmet, this reminds you to always use your strengths for good. The Iron Man charm features 14k gold plating and hand applied enameling. The flush set round brilliant cut cubic zirconias in his palms reflect light in all directions.
Choose determination and never let your past decide your path! Engraved with the message, "Actually I Can" on the bale, Black Widow reminds us that women are strong, capable and a force to be reckoned with. Dressed for battle she is ready to face any challenge that comes her way!
Are you worthy? Only those worthy and strong from within can wield Thor's hammer! Engraved with runes reading "WORTHY" and the triqueta, the hammer holds memories for Thor and is the source of his power.
Captain America and his shield symbolize hope & protection and remind us to always be "True to yourself". 
Where does your strength lie? The Arc Reactor represents the source of Iron Man's strength and is engraved "I love you 3000". A symbol of love & sacrifice.

Representing Mind, Time, Power, Soul, Reality & Space, the Infinity Stones Dangle will keep all your powers with you when you head in a new direction or tackle a new challenge.
Featuring the Infinity Stones and articulating fingers, the Infinity Gauntlet allows the wielder to channel the powers of the infinity stones. This dangle charm can be styled either on a bracelet or on a chain as a pendant.
"We are heroes". Carry all your Marvel The Avengers charms on the logo clasp bracelet and honour their team spirit!
"A hero shows the world what they stand for."  -Pandora Jewellery

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