Industrial design and fashion come together in these pocket sized essentials from SECRID. Designed and made in the Netherlands, Secrid is driven by creativity, interest in people and a holistic approach to sustainability. When you carry a Secrid wallet in your pocket you are carrying an ethical product that is socially and sustainably produced, long lasting and - if need be - repairable.

    Secrid wallets protect your payment cards against RFID signals while allowing you to access them quickly and easily. The wallets will hold 4-6 cards plus bank notes. Secrid wallets are warrantied for 2 years, with an additional year added upon registration of your wallet.

    "We call it the Industrial Evolution. The general guideline is simple: every new product must be better than the previous ones. When all consumers start demanding this of companies, the world will change for the better. With products that last longer and contribute to sustainability. Big changes happen in small steps, one after the other. Drops become rivers. Everyone contributes to this. A better world starts in your wallet."  -Secrid 

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