Custom Design, Master Craftsmanship

Every piece tells a story, custom jewellery is not just an accessory; it is a memory, a legacy and a reflection of you. From the first sketch to the final polish, your experience with us will be guided by a commitment to excellence, creativity, and care.

Why Choose GNM Fine Jewellers?

  • Personalized Service: We work with you to create custom jewellery that reflects your style and your life. And we always make sure that your experience in our store is filled with joy!
  • Expert Craftsmanship: With decades of custom jewellery experience, our on-site designer, goldsmiths and design consultants are the absolute best at what they do.
  • Quality and Trust: We work exclusively with the best materials and technology to create a piece that you can be confident will stand the test of time.
  • Unmatched Value: From concept to creation, your custom jewellery investment will be reflected in every part of the process.

Let's work together to create something new that not only compliments your style but becomes your absolute favourite, can't live without it, piece of jewellery.
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Amanda Lanteigne

Amanda's passion is in the art of transforming your heirlooms into a masterpeice that will honour your memories while celebrating your personal style. Her dedication to excellent design and a commitment to fulfilling your jewellery dreams means you will leave with a piece that you will love and wear for many years!

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Nick Lanteigne

Looking to ask that BIG question? Nick will help you find just the right ring to do that with! As the third generation to join the family business, he finds great joy in being your trusted advisor as you pick the perfect diamond and design that will symbolize the moment you take the next step in commitment to the one you love.

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Raelee Griffin-Lemay

After two decades with GNM Jewellers, Raelee's work reflects a commitment to bringing your vision to life. She loves to sit down and guide you through the design process, focusing on your story and the why behind your desire for a new look. She loves to challenge the conventional and create pieces that are bold, unique and beautiful!

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We are located in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, 45 minutes south of Winnipeg and two hours west of Kenora. We design and craft the majority of our custom jewellery on site.

Once you have commissioned custom piece you will receive an initial render of your design in 3-5 business days. From approved design to finished piece the process can take 3- 12 weeks depending on the scope of the project.

There are a number of factors that determine the final cost, such as how much gold is needed, what type and how many stones are being set into the ring and how labour & time intensive it is for the goldsmith to work on. We find that the average for a redesign is $1500-$2000 and for an engagement ring it is $3500-$5000. To get an idea of cost for your project we recommend booking a free consult with one of our custom jewellery consultants above.

Yes, we need a 50% deposit before we cast your custom piece.

Yes, you can put old pieces that you no longer wear or have inherited towards your new custom jewellery. Sometimes we can melt it down and use the actual gold in your piece and sometimes, if it is impossible to melt, we will give you a credit for the gold that you can use against your final cost.

Yes! We have done quite a few pieces for men over the years, from family rings to unique pendants, we have enjoyed creating custom jewellery for our male customers.

Once you have booked your custom consult your can expect the following:

  • Your custom jewellery consultant will sit down with you, chat about your style, what you like and the story behind why you want a custom piece.
  • These details will be passed along to the CAD designer, who will work up the first version of your custom jewellery design and you will be sent a render for approval.
  • You communicate any changes you wish to make.
  • Once you have approved the design and placed the 50% deposit, we print the wax.
  • The wax gets sent for casting.
  • Your custom piece then goes into our goldsmith shop where the goldsmith files, sets the stones and polishes your piece.
  • You custom jewellery consultant will let you know that you can come pick up your brand new custom jewellery!