Four Benefits of Regular Jewellery Cleaning and Inspection

A crucial part of maintaining and prolonging the life of your jewellery is making sure to have regular cleaning and inspection. Taking care of your jewellery in this way will make a significant difference in maintaining its luster, value and functionality. In this post we'll explore the four benefits of not neglecting the care of your fine jewellery pieces.

Benefit #1: Maintaining Brilliance and Shine

Over time, daily wear can cause your jewellery to lose its initial sparkle and shine. Dust, oils from your skin, lotions and shampoo, and exposure to the environment can dull the surface of your stones and precious metals. Having us professional clean your jewellery removes the build up that happens through daily wear and tear. Imagine a before and after of your diamond ring: the before shows a dull stone, no sparkle, and the after showcases its rejuvenated beauty. This visual contrast emphasizes the importance of regular cleaning.

cleaning jewellery before and after

Benefit #2: Early Detection of Wear or Damage

Regular inspections by a trained jeweller can uncover issues such as loose stones, worn down prongs, or claws that are about to break. Catching these problems early can prevent loss of precious stones and avoid breakage and loss of a piece that is important to you. 

white gold ring missing center stone before with an after image showing stone replaced and ring polished and shiny

Benefit #3: Prolonging The Life and Value of Your Jewellery

Jewellery is not only a monetary investment but also a sentimental one. The pieces gifted to us from a loved one can mean more than the money in the bank. By bringing them into GNM Jewellers for regular cleanings and inspections, you're not only maintaining their aesthetic appeal but also the structural integrity. Being proactive in the care of your most important jewels prolongs their life, ensuring you can pass them down to future generations.

princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring with very worn and missing claws before with built up claws after

Benefit #4: Enhancing Comfort

Jewellery that has damaged pieces, such as sharp claws, can snag on clothing or scratch skin. Having a jeweller inspect your pieces regularly ensures that every part of your jewellery is smooth and secure, keeping your clothes and skin safe for damage!

In conclusion, regular cleanings and expert inspections are more that just maintenance, they are an investment in the beauty, longevity and safety of your most important and sentimental jewellery pieces. Visit GNM Fine Jewellers at 375 Main Street, Steinbach, Manitoba, just 30 minutes southeast of Winnipeg, and have our expert staff clean and inspect your jewellery for free!

very worn and twisted claddagh ring before and straightened out and polished after

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