Spotlight on Custom: The Elegance of a Pear Shaped, Lab-Grown Diamond

The allure of diamonds is timeless and, in the realm of fine jewellery, the appeal of custom designing a piece individually suited to you has risen significantly. Today we are spotlighting our newest custom ring: a stunning 3.0 carat, pear-shaped lab-grown diamond set at an angle across a wide, split shank band with a comfort fit inside finish. Make sure to read till the end to see a video detailing the process of making this custom ring!

The Heart of the Ring

This ring is ALL about the diamond! The 3.0 carats of gorgeous, pear-shaped lab-grown stone captures your gaze and refuses to let go. A marvel of modern technology, lag-grown diamonds are real diamonds grown in a controlled environment using advanced processes. They share the same physical, chemical and optical properties as their mined counterparts but come with the added benefit of being easier on your pocketbook.

pear shaped lab-grown diamond being set into a yellow gold custom designed ring

Clarity and Colour: Bringing the Sparkle to Life

This diamond boasts a VS2 clarity, meaning that it very small inclusions that are likely not visible to the naked eye. There are very little flaws to get in the way of the diamond showing off all it's sparkle! The G colour places it near the top of the colour scale, ensuring that the diamond will appear bright and nearly colourless. making it stand out as the centerpiece of this custom design

custom designed yellow gold split shank ring featuring a 3.0 carat pear shaped diamond

Comfort and Style

Setting the diamond at an angle across the wide, split shank band not only showcases the pear-shaped beauty from multiple angles but adds a contemporary look to the overall design. The split shank band provides the perfect balance to the size and shape of the diamond, accentuating its visual impact.

This ring was designed with comfort in mind and features a comfort fit on the inside of the band. This means that the inside of the ring is slightly rounded, providing ease of wear throughout the day. Comfort fit bands are particularly recommended for wider width bands to ensure the ring feels as good as it looks from morning to night.

lab-grown pear shaped diamond on a comfit fit band

Custom jewellery is more than just jewellery, it is about your style and story. And our custom design team is has the knowledge and experience to help you showcase yours perfectly. Call or text us at 204 326 3917 to start your own custom design today!

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