Pandora's Autumn Collection has arrived!

"It's your story, wear it your way"

Pandora is all about styling your jewellery to tell your story exactly as you wish it to be. Your look is unique to you and Pandora's Fall Collection makes it easy to express yourself in as many ways as you wish!

"The ability to wear something autobiographical is bigger than any trend. It's a visual expression of our passions and history and that never goes out of style"  -Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli, VP Creative Directors, Pandora

Pandora has added new ways to wear your charms with keychains and bag clips, earrings designed to hold charms and an open clip bracelets. You can choose to tell your story simply with minimal pieces or stack them up in a bold way. Show off exactly who you are everyday!

These autumn inspired designs are sure to delight and inspire you. Come by GNM Fine Jewellers and let us celebrate the full collection with you!


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