Celebrate the Coming Spring!

Are you as tired of winter as we are? Our souls crave spring! The dripping of the snow off the roof, the warmer breezes blowing through and the longer days filled with sunshine. Spring brings renewal and an uplifting of our spirits! Pandora's newest collection celebrates the beauty of nature's rebirth with it's spring garden pieces. Be inspired by nature in full bloom!


Pansies are the flower of platonic love and admiration. They express a fondness for a friend or loved one, a way to say "I am thinking of you". Use a pansy to lift the mood of your close friend who is struggling and may be tired of "Are you okay?" questions and let them know that you are there for them always.


Spread your wings! Endurance, transformation and hope are the legacies of the butterfly. Even when the world seems dark and grey the small flutter of a butterfly's wings will bring colour and joy into your life. Your eyes follow it's path as it flits from flower to leaf and you know that there is always a bright spot to be found. Let the dangle butterfly charm remind you that you are unique with it's engraved message, "one of a kind". 


The people in our lives bring us much joy and pleasure. A treasured voice on the phone. A quick text shared in the middle of the day that makes you smile. Sharing a favourite treat during a visit. A firm hug when you meet unexpectedly. All these small pieces of life remind us of just how cherished we are and that together is the perfect place to be!

Pandora's newest Murano Glass charm is fashioned into a rainbow tree dangle. Five branches wrap around the glass and end in heart shaped prongs. More hearts are fashioned into leaves on the back of the tree and the trunk proclaims "Together". A celebration of life and unity, the charm is finished off with "Life is wonderful" engraved on the side of the rainbow bale.


"Live your life in full bloom!" Pandora's Spring Collection is available in store at GNM Fine Jewellers or by texting us at 204-326-3917. 

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