Jewellery Repair

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Your Jewellery Is Important


Jewellery means many things. Some jewellery is a reminder of a person close to us, some are reminders of promises made and other pieces make us feel happy and confident. No matter what meaning your jewellery holds it can be a big disappointment and sometimes heart breaking when it is damaged. At GNM Jewellers we understand and respect this, our team will always do their very best to repair your damaged jewellery with care and quality so you can wear and enjoy it for many more years to come! 

The GNM Jewellers Goldsmith Shop is right here in our store, your pieces will not get shipped across the country to get repaired but will stay safe and sound in our vault while they await their turn at the goldsmith bench. Our shop is set up with the best equipment and a run by a Master Goldsmith with over 25 years experience in his field. You can have full confidence that your jewellery is in the VERY best hands here at GNM Jewellers!

Jewellery Cleaning Jewellery Cleaning


Give It A Spa Day!


Think about how great you feel after a spa are all steamed and buffed and feel amazing. Ready to take on the world!! Your jewellery longs to have this feeling too. Bring your pieces into GNM Jewellers and treat them to a deep clean. We will soak them, buff them and steam them to a sparkling finish. The finishing touch is an inspection to check for any loose stones, low claws and any other damage or wear that needs to be addressed. What a glow up!!

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