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Imagine owning a high quality, finely crafted piece made just for you – a composite of your desires and your ideas, along with our advice, design abilities and technical execution. We specialize in creating custom handcrafted jewelry that will meet your individual needs and style! Marking a special event or feeling with the experience of commissioning a custom designed and crafted piece JUST for YOU is like no other.


Commissioning a Custom Design


1. Browse our site and/or Pinterest for inspiration (scroll down to see a sample of our past work)

2. Schedule an appointment for a Custom Design Consultation

3. A team member will touch base with you within 24 hours to confirm appointment

4. After you have met with a custom team member our designer will create a rending for your approval

5. Once we have an approved design a 50% deposit is required to begin creating your piece

*Custom Design pieces take 6-12 weeks from approval to finished piece, depending on the intricacy of the design.



Custom Bridal

It's have met the person of your dreams and you are going to propose!! You've looked around but none of the rings in the bridal showcases are hitting the right note, you want something that is perfect and unique just like the one you love. Our GNM Custom Design Team and Goldsmith Shop will create a ring guaranteed to knock your proposal out of the park! We work with you individually or with both you and your fiance to make a ring that celebrates the best of your relationship and enhances the committment you are making to each other.

Custom Special Occasion

It's your 25 year anniversary and you are thinking it is time to refresh the look of your wedding set.

Grandma passed away and left you her wedding set. You love Grandma but her set is not your style and so it just sits in your jewellery box.

You have been organizing your home and the overflowing jewellery box is making you feel guilty for no longer wearing the gifted jewellery you have received from friends and loved ones over the years.

You have a special occasion coming up and want the perfect piece of jewellery to mark the event.

We can help you solve all these problems!!

Our Design Team and Goldsmith Shop will work with you to create a custom, handcrafted ring or pendant that celebrates the people and memories in your life in a piece that showcases your unique style and taste. Whether we are restyling your pieces, using your unworn or broken gold or creating a piece from scratch, you can trust that our team with 25+ years experience will craft you a piece of jewellery that will bring joy for many years to come.

Custom Restyling
Arthritic Shanks

Living with Arthritis is a painful and frustrating thing that robs you of your ability to do so many of the activities and tasks that used to come easily. It can also make it difficult or impossible to wear the jewellery that has much meaning in your your wedding set, anniversary band or family ring. Let us help you win one against arthritis. Our custom design team and goldsmith shop can craft and install an arthritic shank that allows you to slip your ring over your knuckle and tighten it at the base of your finger. Give your fingers back their bling and enjoy the sparkle again!!

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