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Whether you need your jewellery repaired or need to engrave a special message on a gift, you can have confidence that our on site goldsmiths and fully trained showroom staff will treat your request with respect and keep your peices safe.

Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery means many things. Some jewellery is a reminder of a person close to us, some are reminders of promises made and other pieces make us feel happy and confident. No matter what meaning your jewellery holds it can be a big disappointment and sometimes heart breaking when it is damaged. At GNM Jewellers we understand and respect this, our team will always do their very best to repair your damaged jewellery with care and quality so you can wear and enjoy it for many more years to come! 


Engraving a gift or or sentimental piece of jewellery adds a special touch. It makes the piece unique to the person receiving it and memoralizes the relationship you share. Here at GNM Jewellers we offer both diamond point and laser engraving, this allows us to engrave a wide variety of items with high quality results.

Need a quote on engraving? Send us a message or text us at 204-326-3917 and we will respond as soon as possible.

Corporate Gifts

None of us reaches the success we dream of without having supporters. Whether they are our clients or our staff, their support is invaluable and should be appreciated and celebrated. Show them that they are valued with gifts of appreciation. At GNM Jewellers we offer a large selection of corporate and employee gifts, many of which can be personalized with your logo, a name or a special message.

Watch Repair

Watch repair takes special care, knowledge and a steady hand. Our staff have expert training and years of experience in servicing watches, you can have confidence that your watch is in very good hands here at GNM Jewellers. We perform battery changes, servicing & cleaning, crystal replacements and bracelet replacements.

Gold Buying

Think again before you sell your gold jewelry online. The ads are temping and promise lots of cash for your unwanted jewellery but consider a few things when selling your gold to a company. Have you looked at their website? Do they pay based on Today’s Gold Market value? We do. You can leave confident that you received the best rates for your gold!


Although your jewellery, and the memories you have created while wearing your pieces are priceless to you, it is important to know the attributes, qualities and current monetary value of your jewellery pieces so you may insure them against theft, loss and unforeseeable damaging events. At GNM Fine Jewellers, we understand the importance of accurate certified appraisals to your peace of mind and have, on location, GIA (Gemology Institute of America) certified appraisers to accomplish your appraisal requirements.

We make your jewellery look great!

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