Our Story

Meet the Schinkel & Lanteigne families! We are second and third generation family jewellers building a strong, community focused jewellery business.
Our story began when Gerda Schinkel, our founder, Mom & Oma, became disillusioned with the jewellery selection and services offered to her locally. She knew there was a need not being met by the existing businesses in the South-east and it became her passion to change the status quo.
In October 1986 Gerda opened the doors to her new business...Gold-N-Memories Ltd. From the start Gerda's goal was to give the people of the community she was raised in and loved the same quality, selection and service that they would find in a larger city center store. This is still our passion and mission today as we continue to build on the foundation she created.
Through our 36 years in business we have tried many things (hello Oma's Attic gift shop!) but have always returned to our roots. Focusing on providing quality, luxurious jewellery that will make YOU feel like a million bucks!!
Why do we love jewellery so much? Because it helps you tell your story, it enhances your style and it holds the memories of moments & people you keep close to your heart.
As Gerda's grandchildren joined the business we began to look at how we could freshen our look and reflect a clear message about who we are while still honouring the original brand. In February 2021 we unveiled our new name and logo...



Gerda's Gold-N-Memories is still there, right at the beginning, honouring her dream and vision.