Hamilton Watches Jazzmaster Open Heart Automatic 40mm

# 520-05632 In Stock

Hamilton Watches Jazzmaster Open Heart Automatic 40mm

# 520-05632 In Stock

HAMILTON JAZZMASTER OPEN HEART AUTO Brown Leather strap with light dial and copper accents 40mm. Perfectly balancing tradition and innovation, the Jazzmaster Open Heart offers a glimpse of its precision Swiss automatic movement in action. Using quality materials and featuring a range of dial and strap combinations, it's a collection that shows Hamilton at its best.


Product Details

Name Jazzmaster Open Heart Automatic 40mm
Stock Number 520-05632
Style Number H32565555
Department Timepieces
Type Gents Automatic Watches
Sub Type Dress Watches, Dress Watches, Men's Watches

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Hamilton Watches

Pioneering, practical, precise: Hamilton uses a unique combination of Swiss precision and American spirit to create distinctive, versatile watches for aficionados and style conscious individuals alike. Hamilton has a long history and has achieved numerous milestones, all of which have contributed to making Hamilton the strong, internationally renowned watch brand it is today.

Hamilton first made its name during the early days of the American railroads. As the country built its crucial infrastructure, Hamilton began supplying accurate watches that were credited with helping to prevent and reduce accidents by synchronizing timing on the rails.

Since the early days of aviation, timing – and watches – have been key to progress. Without precision, the finer points of flying would not be possible. An element of risk taking, pushing boundaries and daring to be different typical of Hamilton is also essential to success.

From the railroads to the skies, the depths of the ocean to the urban jungle, with automatic or quartz movements, Hamilton watches represent the perfect balance of American Spirit and Swiss Precision.